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Urbino Musica Giovani

Classes start: 21 July at 16:00 - Course end: 27 July at 13:00

URBINO MUSICA GIOVANI is a course for young instrumentalists within the prestigious FIMA International Early Music Courses. The first course of its kind in Italy, it was founded in 2013 with the idea of introducing children and young people to ensemble music and the Baroque repertoire, while using modern instruments tuned to 440. In addition to instrument lessons, the true focus of the course is the practice of ensemble music and orchestra, with groups formed according to the age and level of the participants. 

The teachers of Urbino Musica Giovani, professional experts in music didactics and Baroque performance practice, work in teams, alternating in the care of the groups. There is also a free and optional course in popular dances that is very popular with the youngest participants. The minimum age for admission to the courses is 8 years with at least one year of instrumental experience.

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