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Chiara Pontecorvo
Urbino Giovani - violin and viola


After studying recorder and classical guitar, he undertook the study of the violin with Maestro Enrico Gatti according to Baroque performance practice.
In 1982, after graduating from high school, he moved to Geneva to follow a diploma course in baroque violin under the guidance of violinist Chiara Banchini at the Conservatoire Populaire de Musique. 

In 1993, he graduated in violin in Pescara under the guidance of Maestro Alfredo Fiorentini. In the same year he won an audition for the European Community Baroque Orchestra (ECBO) with which he played in important festivals in Europe and Japan.
From 1994 to 1996 he was a stable member of the Academia Montis Regalis, an orchestra conducted by authoritative musicians including: R.Goebel , T.Koopmann , Jordi Savall and A. De Marchi.
He subsequently collaborated with various groups active in the field of early music, including Concerto Italiano conducted by R. Alessandrini and Accademia Bizantina conducted by O. Dantone, with whom he recorded for Tactus and Opus 111. 

Her interest and passion for teaching led her to attend various training courses on instrumental and musical didactics both in Italy and abroad with renowned teachers: S. Nelson (London 1985) Geza Szilvay - Colourstring Method (London 2003 - Helsinky 2006) Luisa Di Segni-Dalcroze Method (Conservatory of Latina 2008) 

In 2019 she obtains the Certificate of Advanced Studies (C.A.S) in Didactics of String Instruments with Prof. Anna Modesti at the Conservatory of Lugano and graduates with a thesis entitled "Didactic insights to improve the self-regulated behaviour of violin students". In 2020 he took his Level I qualification in teaching the Suzuki Method at the Suzuki Institute in Florence (Lecturer Virginia Ceri). 

In 1996, together with other colleagues, she founded the Sylvestro Ganassi School of Music in Rome, where she has been teaching violin with great passion for 25 years to children from 5 years of age and upwards who regularly achieve level examinations and admissions to the Conservatory and international ABRSM (Associated Board Royal School of Music) certifications, distinguishing themselves for technical and musical preparation. 

His teaching is well structured through a reasoned study programme and programming by objectives, giving the student the possibility of gradual and continuous training also through the 3 annual recitals that provide a great motivational boost. 

A constitutive element of his teaching has always been the practice of ensemble music, creating small and large orchestras that have participated in various events including the "Incontri sul Palcoscenico" and the Playdays organised by ESTA (European String Teacher Association).

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