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Han Tol


Level: advanced
Audition not required. Max 8 students.


The programme for the morning course: free repertoire, individual lessons and group activities on different themes dedicated to the interpretation of Renaissance and Baroque music with activities dedicated to the theory and interpretation of the repertoire and recorder technique.

The programme for the afternoon course: consort on English and Italian music, for 4-8 recorders


Han Tol is active as a soloist, ensemble musician, music director and teacher throughout Europe, the USA and the Far East. He is a professor at the 'Hochschule für Künste' in Bremen, and at the 'Schola Cantorum Basiliensis' in Basel. His teaching activities include further courses at renowned musical institutions in Vienna, Salzburg, Geneva, St. Petersburg, Jerusalem, Baltimore, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong, to name but a few.

Han Tol was a member of the outstanding Flanders Recorder Quartet. In his orchestral work with the 'Balthasar Neumann Ensemble' in Freiburg, his interpretation of 17th century Italian music while dressed as a clown is memorable. Han Tol was their guest artistic director for the production of the highly praised CD 'Perpetuum Mobile', with recently rediscovered music by Telemann.

The German music magazine 'Tibia' published two articles by Han Tol, the result of his extensive research into the life and works of the mysterious 16th century Venetian musician, printer and painter Sylvestro Ganassi.

Han Tol can be heard on 40 CD recordings for labels such as Teldec, Harmonia Mundi, EMI and CPO.

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