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Enrico Onofri
violin  & orchestra

Pre-selection required


The masterclass will focus mainly on the 17th century Italian violin repertoire, from its beginnings up to Corelli. Students interested in the milestones of the later literature including the Classicism, though, are very welcome. 

No audition is required.


- Focus: late 16th and 17th century Italian violin works: canzoni, sonatas, ricercari, diminuzioni on madrigals (Bassano, Bovicelli, Castello, Cima, Fontana, Frescobaldi, Kapsberger, Leonarda, Marini, Rognoni, Selma, Stradella, Uccellini, Virgiliano, etc.) and Corelli, Sonatas op.V.

- Bach, Sonatas and Partitas, concertos, harpsichord and violin sonatas, etc.

- Mozart, Haydn and contemporary composers: sonatas, concertos, chamber music

Audition: Preliminary selection by sending audio/video material containing at least two pieces of different character and styles.

Send to:


Violinist and conductor, Enrico grown up in the antique atelier of his parents in Ravenna, surrounded by the beauty of the past, developing hence a passion for the historical performances since his beginnings. As a conductor and soloist, he was so led to explore the repertoire from the 17th to the 20th century creating his personal language through the knowledge of the historical praxes, intended as a sources of inspiration for panoramas in interpretation. Invited by Jordi Savall to be the concertmaster of La Capella Real when he was still a student, very soon he found himself working with groups such as Concentus Musicus Wien and Il Giardino Armonico, the ensemble he led as concertmaster and soloist from 1987 to 2010. In 2002 he entered upon a conductor’s career which has brought him great acclaim and numerous invitations from orchestras, opera houses and festivals all over the world. Enrico is the Principal Conductor of the Filarmonica Toscanini, Associated Conductor of the Münchener Kammerorchester, Artistic Partner Conductor of the Austrian-Hungarian Haydn Philharmonie, Associated Conductor of the Orchestre National d’Auvergne, founder of the Imaginarium Ensemble, conductor of the Real Câmara Baroque Orchestra. Enrico has been professor of baroque violin at the Scarlatti Conservatoire in Palermo since 1999 and later at the Rossini Conservatoire in Pesaro. He has been invited to teach masterclasses throughout Europe, Canada, USA (Juilliard School, New York) and Japan. He’s been tutor and conductor of the EUBO (European Union Baroque Orchestra). In 2019 he's been awarded the F. Abbiati prize as best soloist of the year.

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