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Lieven Baert
Renaissance dance


William Brade 1614 ( composer )


Selected new dances such as Brando, Intrada, Masquerade and Ballets. There is a dance for satyrs, a Turkish dance, a mascerade for noble ladies, Scottish dances, etc. 


Choreography and recitations created by Lieven Baert will be taught, culminating in a costume performance at the end of the course with live orchestra.

Course participants should be aware that the classes are intended for dancers with an advanced knowledge of the late 16th century dance repertoire and that additional rehearsals are also planned in the afternoon with or without orchestra, cancelling the normal rehearsal class.


Lieven Baert is a professional choreographer, dance teacher, performer and theatre director. 

As director of the Institute of Historical Dance in Ghent, Belgium, he organised two major symposia on ancient dance in 1985 and 2000 in cooperation with the Universities of Cambridge, Stockholm and Ghent.

As a producer of historical festivals, he specialises in the reconstruction of repertoire from the medieval to the early modern period. In this sense, he develops special concepts based on the people and places in question.

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