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Henry van Engen
alta cappella


This course will focus on the Alta Cappella polyphonic repertoire of the 16th century and take place from facsimile in A = 466hz. We will survey the secular and sacred works based on La Battaglia directly from their original sources, including Jannequin’s parody mass (P-Cug MM.9) and madrigals by Isaac (I-Fn MS Panciatichiano 27), Anonymous from the Pixérécourt Chansonnier (F-Pnm Français 15123) and A. Gabrieli (Concerti, 1587). Although primarily for cornetto, shawm, historical trombone and dulcian, this course is also open for singers, offered in coordination with he polyphony course of Paolo da Col.


Henry Van Engen (b.1993) is an historical trombonist and tenor specialized in Renaissance and early Baroque performance practice from Annapolis (USA), based in Freiburg, Germany. He earned degrees from the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (CH), the Musikhochschule Trossingen (DE) and Oberlin Conservatory (USA) and performs with groups such as Concerto Scirocco, Le Filigrane, La Fonte Musica, Le Miroir de Musique, I Fedeli, the Innsbrucker Hofmusik and others.

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