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Michael Form
recorder and chamber music

Pre-selection required


The course will focus on the most important aspects of what the current Early Music scene expects of a professional flutist in terms of technical requirements and musical skills. To this end, participants are offered a range of different teaching formats:

- group technique lessons

- first sight training

- extensive work on larger collections of the original 18th century recorder repertoire

- strategies for learning High Baroque ornamentation

- Bach cantata workshop in co-teaching with Dominik Wörner


Preparation level: high, bachelor and master students 


Pre-selection required (audio or video) to be sent to


Michael Form is recognised as one of the most versatile musicians of his generation. For many years, he has successfully balanced his two career paths as a virtuoso and as a conductor. As a flutist, he specialised exclusively in early music, although as a conductor he moves through the music of various epochs with ease. His vast repertoire thus ranges from the music of the late Middle Ages to the music of the present. He has been active as a conductor since 2004, conducting acclaimed baroque and modern symphony orchestras throughout Europe, Latin America and Oceania. To date, he has conducted over 160 opera performances in the most important theatres. He has made many recordings with a repertoire ranging from Hildegard von Bingen to Johann Sebastian Bach. As a conductor, he has a special passion for working with developing orchestras. For this, he was appointed international ambassador for dialogue and peace by the University of Caracas for his work with the Simón Bolívar Baroque Orchestra in Venezuela. Since 2018, he holds a permanent guest conductor position at El Sistema.

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